Tumble Dryer Fires In Salons


There have recently been reports surfacing of salons having fires due to tumble dryers

Only last month, a beauty salon in Basingstoke caught ablaze – the fire was due to a tumble dryer in the staff room which had to be extinguished by firefighters. Stories have also emerged about a tumble dryer “exploding” and then catching alight at a salon in Plympton.

A local firefighter stated that he’s seen “far too many fires caused by tumble dryers” in his career. He went on to say that one of the tumble dryers which caught fire was surrounded by too many items such as magazines and books – which as a result, significantly contributed to the severity and spread of the fire.

A row of tumble dryers

It’s important to check you have working smoke alarms throughout your salon, to give you an early warning about a fire – as well as keeping flammable items away from machines that emit heat. It’s also a good practice to ensure that the lint filters in your tumble dyers are cleaned before use. In addition to this, ensure that the cool down cycle of the tumble dryer is adequate to reduce the temperature of items.

Lastly it is worth noting not to use the tumble dryer outside of business hours.


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