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In the vibrant world of hair salons, trust is the invisible currency that fuels success. Salon owners continuously strive to create an atmosphere where clients feel safe, valued, and confident in the services they receive.

Among the many essential practices that underpin this trust, patch testing stands out as a pivotal yet often overlooked aspect of ensuring client safety and builds a strong relationship between salon owners and their clientele.

At Sentio Salons, we specialize in a crucial element of salon safety – patch testing.

It’s more than a regulatory requirement; it’s a cornerstone in the foundation of client trust and salon reputation.

Why Patch Testing Matters

Patch testing serves as a proactive measure to identify potential allergic reactions to hair colour or treatment products before they are applied more extensively.

This seemingly small step carries immense weight in preventing adverse reactions, ranging from mild irritation to severe allergies. It’s a demonstration of care, professionalism, and commitment to client safety.

Building Client Trust

For salon owners, patch testing becomes an unspoken trust builder. It signifies a dedication to the well-being of clients beyond the superficial aesthetics of a service. By prioritizing safety through patch testing protocols, salon owners communicate a level of responsibility and professionalism that resonates deeply with clients. This conscientious approach helps foster long-term relationships, as clients recognize the commitment to their safety and satisfaction.

Different Approaches to Patch Testing

Here are the core options that we provide:

Manufacturer’s Instructions: These guidelines, often included with the colour product, recommend patch testing 48 hours prior to each colour treatment. It’s a fundamental step based on the specific product’s formulation.

Vendor or Colour House Protocols: Some colour houses extend the patch testing protocols beyond the manufacturer’s instructions, requiring recorded consultations and periodic testing every 3 to 6 months.

Colourstart®: A third-party system that streamlines patch testing, allowing consumers to self-certify their suitability for a treatment. This is often followed by consultation questions before each subsequent treatment, potentially eliminating the need for frequent patch tests.

Bespoke Patch Testing Protocols: Tailored protocols provided by select salon insurance providers cater to salons using colour houses without established protocols. This allows testing once every six months, ensuring adherence to safety measures even in unique scenarios.


In an industry where trends come and go, trust remains constant. And in the pursuit of this trust, patch testing is crucial.

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