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Helpful tips for dealing with job-related stress:

Prolonged periods of standing on your feet daily can gradually impact your body in adverse ways. Remaining in a static position, performing repetitive motions, and neglecting appropriate footwear can potentially lead to significant harm to your overall well-being.


Common injuries and examples

Poor working postures

Back bent or twisted to wash hair; arms out to side while giving a massage; shoulders raised while giving a trim.

Repetitious movements

Prolonged sitting or standing while performing services; filing nails; applying hair colour for a long period of time.

Carrying heavy loads

Holding a heavy blow dryer away from your body or moving a large box of products from one area to another.

Individualised factors

Wearing shoes with a heel that does not provide adequate support or not taking short breaks to let the body recuperate.

Wearing comfortable shoes is not the only thing you should do— wear comfortable clothing as well. If your clothes are too tight or too restrictive, your body will have to strain to reach and perform work tasks. This may cause injuries and unnecessary pain.


Our top tips


These simple, yet useful tips will ensure that you can keep yourself, and your staff safe – keeping your business running smoothly.

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