VAT in the salon industry

Salon owners have been calling on the government for an immediate cut in VAT.

In a plea for immediate government intervention, hairdressers across the nation have written to their local MP, demanding a cut in VAT as more than half of salon owners contemplate shutting down.

Shocking statistics reveal that 1 in 5 hairdressers are on the brink of a mental breakdown, according to a recent study conducted by The Salon Employers Association (SEA).

Founded by salon owners, including Toby Dicker from The Chapel Group, the SEA aims to be the collective voice advocating for the beleaguered salon industry. Despite being the backbone of the high street, salons endure a heavier tax burden than any other business.

Mr. Dicker expressed shock at the study’s results, revealing that salon owners are considering laying off NVQ apprentices, and a staggering 70% of hairdressers have transitioned to self-employment to cope with the challenges.

The SEA is urgently calling for a tax cut to 10% to rejuvenate the struggling hair and beauty industry.

In a candid comparison to industries like hospitality with robust lobbying efforts, the SEA contends that the salon sector lacks understanding and a sufficiently loud voice in government circles.

Salon owners, determined to make a difference, are encouraged to visit the SEA website and join the cause.

The future of countless salons and the well-being of their staff hang in the balance, making support for the VAT cut a critical imperative.


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