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Discover Colourstart: Your Patch Testing Solution for Hair Professionals

Being in the salon industry, it’s likely that you understand the importance of patch testing, an often complicated and arduous task – though an absolute necessity.

We want to give you the freedom to colour. That’s why we love Colourstart.



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Patch testing made easy

What are the benefits of Colourstart?

After initial patch, potentially the client would never need to be patch tested again. This is because it uses the previous colour treatment (as long as it is within 6 months) as the allergy alert test for future treatments. Additionally, this would also depend on the answers to the usual consultation questions. Colourstart takes away the responsibility of a salon to record consultation questions. Everything is done directly through Colourstart’s system by the consumer.

Furthermore, in the event of a colour correction, to be insured for a different shade use, a patch test should be carried out on the new colour.

Alternatively, with Colourstart, there is no need to. Colourstart is not specific to any brand or shade. Once you pass the initial test and consultations ahead of treatment, you can use any colour.

An allergy alert test is a self certification process. The Colourstart system helps distance the stylist from the process as well as evidencing it is exactly a self certification.

What our clients have to say…

“This is such a great offer from Colourstart. This method of Allergy Alert testing has totally changed The Vanilla Room. Revolutionising how we work with regards to our patch testing policy. We were introduced by Adam at Sentio at the begining of the year to the different ways of testing covered on my policy and Colourstart was simply a no brainer as our prefered method.

Yes, we still have to do the odd ‘blob’ test on clients for whom the technology side of apps etc is not for them, but generally these clients are one shade only and happy to pop in once every 6 months to be tested.  For the rest it is Colourstart as a one time purchase only, then they answer the questions in the app before the colour is applied and we are good to go for any shade or any brand.  It has made us so much more professional.  I will be taking up this offer.”

– Kerry (The Vanilla Room)


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